The Corona Crucible – Mon 2nd November

World 46.8 million    Brazil 5.5 million      Argentina 1.1 million

The Queensland Labor government was returned with an increased majority at the weekend. In a state that has spawned extreme right wing parties led by the likes of Clive Palmer, Bob Katter and Pauline Hanson, the swing to the left is heartening.

Queenslanders have been very happy with how their Labor government has handled the virus crisis in their state and have voted accordingly. More people are also waking up to the reality of climate change and the Greens vote was also boosted, delivering at least two and possibly up to four seats. It will be interesting to see if this swing to the left of politics is replicated in the US election tomorrow. I pray so.

Victoria has had another day of zero cases. There is just one mystery case now. There are now just 49 active cases across the state, all are in Melbourne. I am hoping we may be able to totally eliminate this virus.