The Corona Crucible – Sun 1st November

World 46.3 million    UK 1 million  Japan 100K+ Austria 100K+

One month ago there were 34 million cases of coronavirus, around eight million of them were active and there were over one million fatalities. Now more than 46 million people have been infected around the globe, we have over 11 million active cases and 1.2 million fatalities. Hospital staff in many countries are having to make heart-wrenching choices between who gets treatment and who doesn’t and many facilities do not have enough equipment, or hospital beds. Where will we be in a month from now? Where will we be at this time next year?

Japan has now reached 100,000 cases, so has Austria. The UK has now had one million cases. Yesterday the US recorded over 100,000 new infections in one 24-hour period.

There was an interesting question in yesterday’s Age trivia quiz. What percentage of the world’s population live in the northern hemisphere? The answer is 90 per cent. It stands to reason that a similar percentage of all COVID cases are being recorded north of the equator.

We’re so very lucky to be living here in Australia. Yesterday’s single case in Victoria has been reviewed and declared a false positive, so that means yesterday was another donut day. Today we have had another donut day.