The Corona Crucible – Fri 30th October

World 45.3 million    France 1.2 million     Spain 1.2 million

The rate of infection across the world is spiralling out of control, increasing by more than half a million people every day, and that’s just the people being tested and recorded. The real number is probably many times higher. COVID is exploding across Europe, South and North America and India. Apparently African nations have not been affected as much, however that may be because data is not available, or because testing is not happening in some poor nations. It’s hard to know. But at this rate there could be 80 million people infected by year’s end.

We’ve dodged a bullet here in Victoria, but we have to keep dodging them. Australia’s isolation as an island has helped to keep numbers low. In NSW they are constantly putting out spot fires of this virus, with a handful of cases each day. We’re doing the same here in Victoria. Today four more new cases were recorded.