The Corona Crucible – Wed 28th October

World 44.2 million    USA 9 million          

It’s less than one week to the US Presidential election. Around 50 million Americans have already voted, which is a massive turnout compared to previous elections. Despite attempts by Dump Ton Lard to undermine the US postal service, people have mailed in their votes in the millions and there have been long queues at early polling stations. I hope this extra voter turnout is a sign of better times ahead, though it’s worth noting that Hillary Clinton had more votes in 2016.

A hopeful anagram for Joe Biden is, ‘Be Joined’, which is what is needed more than ever in the Divided States of America.

We recorded two cases here in Victoria overnight. These people were already in quarantine as close contacts of recent cases in Melbourne’s northern suburbs.  The two cases were among over 24,000 tests conducted yesterday, a huge number. This is just 0.008 percent. Our mystery cases are now just three and our 14 day average 2.7.