The Corona Crucible – Tues 27th October

World 43.7 million   Singapore 57K+        Australia 27K+

Dan Andrews has shown great leadership in Victoria throughout this crisis. Every day he has turned up to provide the daily numbers and answer numerous questions. Behind the scenes he’s done a huge amount of work to manage this pandemic. He’s not had a day off in many months. There have been critics of his handling of this lockdown, and how the state government handled hotel quarantine, but all along he has followed the health advice which is more that can be said for many places across the world. The lockdown has worked and brought this second wave under control across Victoria. Had we not done this, we’d be in the same situation as France with tens of thousands of cases daily. Only Singapore and Victoria have managed to get down to single digits after a large spike in case numbers.

Yesterday the Premier delivered some great news. On the back of zero cases yesterday, and the ring fence around the northern suburbs outbreak, Melbourne is reopening for business at midnight tonight.

After delivering the fantastic news yesterday, Dan Andrews again reported for duty today to provide more details about our path out of lockdown.

Overnight there were again zero cases recorded across Victoria. Melburnians are rightly feeling fantastic, optimistic and proud. The gloom has lifted.