The Corona Crucible – Mon 26th October

World 43.3 million    Iran 560K+     Italy 520K+

The word ‘crucible’ that I chose for this blog refers to a both a container and a process. It seems to be more and more apt as time goes on. The Oxford Dictionary says ‘crucible’ is both a melting pot for metals, and a severe test or trial. It is also implied that while undergoing the test, that one is transformed. Just like metals melt and are reformed into something new in a crucible pot, we too are reshaped. After the ordeal, something is reborn into the world, a recreation or rebirth follows.

Words like crucial and crucify are probably from the same root. A crucible is associated with the alchemical process by which base metals were said to be transformed into gold.

We are all in this crucible together and we are indeed being transformed. The world is being re-ordered as we continue to endure. The hope is that by the end of this process we will emerge into a much better world. Systems need overhauling, values need to be re-assessed and priorities need to be re-ordered.

Victoria has recorded zero new cases overnight for the first time in many months. Our 14 day average is 3.6 and mystery number is now seven. Here at least, we are set to emerge from this crucible.