The Corona Crucible – Sun 25th October

World 42.9 million    Colombia 1 million  Switzerland 100K+

Across the world almost 500,000 COVID infections were recorded yesterday and the same number in the day before. Colombia is the eighth country to reach the one million mark. Switzerland has joined the 100,000 group.

Last night Richmond won their third Premiership in four years. It was a great game. The Tigers defeated Geelong 81-50 after being 20 points down at one stage. Really wonderful that the AFL managed to keep the game in play throughout the year of COVID.

Victoria recorded another seven cases overnight. Mystery number is now nine and the 14 day average 4.6.

Today Daniel Andrews said that we have to wait a couple more days for further test results in the northern suburbs before restrictions can be lifted. Eleven households are involved in this cluster at this stage.