The Corona Crucible – Fri 23rd October

World 41.9 million    France 999K+            Costa Rica 100K+    

And on it goes. France is the seventh country to reach one million COVID infections and Costa Rica is the 47th country to record more than 100,000 cases. How quickly things can get out of control. Australia is 85th on this list now and continuing the downward trend.

Today we’re all hoping that this worrying outbreak in Melbourne’s northern suburbs is contained and we can see restrictions lifted on Sunday as planned. Somehow we need to return to some kind of normal. If this cluster explodes, I doubt we’ll have the stomach, or the political will, to go into lockdown again.

Thankfully, we have only had one more case diagnosed in Victoria overnight. Our 15 day average is now 5.5 and the mystery case number remains at 10.