The Corona Crucible – Mon 19th October

World 40.2 million    Germany 360K+        Netherlands 220K+

Case numbers across many parts of the world are now increasing faster than ever before with over 300,000 cases, and sometimes 400,000 being recorded daily. This means that the number of people testing positive to COVID-19 across the world is now in the order of three million every week. USA, India, Brazil, France, Russia, Spain, UK, Italy, Spain, Argentina and Belgium are each recording between 10,000 and 90,000 cases daily. The US number has increased again to about 70,000 each day. Portugal has now reached 100,000 cases.

Someone on Facebook made the observation that on 16 July daily cases in France were around 400 and the same here in Victoria but now France is recording around 28,000 cases a day. This would be the situation here, had we not gone through this long strict lockdown.

Four new cases in Victoria overnight. The 14 day average now 7.2 and 15 mystery cases.

I’m playing golf tomorrow.