The Corona Crucible – Sat 17th October

World 39.5 million    South Africa 700K+ Turkey 340K+

It’s been 100 days that Melbourne has been in lockdown. On 5 August we had peak of 725 cases. Today we have recorded just one new case overnight.

The results we have attained here reinforce that a hard lockdown is the right approach to this pandemic. Do it once and to it properly, as they did in New Zealand. Here we’ve done it twice, but second time properly. Now that we have got this far, with the longest lockdown in the world, we are now in a position to ‘ring fence’ any outbreaks before they get out of hand. Victoria will soon join the rest of Australia as the whole country emerges from this crisis in a far, far better place than so many other countries. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s announcement and happy that the Tigers won last night and will play in the Grand Final next Saturday. YAY!