The Corona Crucible – Thurs 17th September

World 30 million       Iran 410K+     Iraq 300K+

There are a lot of Australians still overseas who want to return home. There is a cap of 4,000 people per week allowed back, but there are calls for more people to be allowed each week. Victoria has not been taking any arrivals since the hotel quarantine debacle so other states will have to increase their capacity.

Victoria’s Chief Health Officer, (CHO) Brett Sutton gave evidence this week at the hotel quarantine inquiry. He told the inquiry that he was not responsible for overseeing compliance in the quarantine program and was not initially aware that security guards were being used. The Premier will front the inquiry next week.

There were just 28 new cases recorded in Victoria overnight, the lowest number of daily cases since June. Melbourne’s 14 day average is now 44.4.

The next step in lifting restrictions is scheduled for 28 September, but there is not much on offer. I think there will be increased pressure on the state government to lift more restrictions at that date rather than late October.