The Corona Crucible – Tues 15th September

World 29.4 million    South Africa 650K+  Turkey 290K+

34 countries have now recorded more than 100,000 cases of COVID-19. Romania and Panama are the latest to reach this grim milestone.

By contrast some countries continue to manage this pandemic well include Vietnam with just over 1,000 cases, Iceland with just over 2,000 cases and Thailand with less than 3,000. The Thai government is now paying its citizens to take holidays in a move aimed at helping the tourist industry recover.

Australia now has had almost 27,000 overall cases of COVID-19, around 20,000 have been here in Victoria in our second wave.

Here in Melbourne outdoor dining will be rolled out across Melbourne as we open up after lockdown. The Victorian Government has pledged funds for cafes and restaurants to create outdoor dining areas. The move to expand alfresco dining is set to become a permanent feature of life with road closures and other measures. With summer coming it should be a popular move and boost the recovery.

There were 42 new infections reported in Victoria today, with no new deaths. The Premier announced that restrictions in Regional Victoria will be substantially eased from tomorrow night.