The Corona Crucible – Mon 14th September

World 29.1 million    Spain 570K+  France 380K+

Some minor easing of restrictions takes effect today in Melbourne. Happily singles will be able to have one visitor in a social bubble. The extended isolation has been very tough for those who live alone.

Although this is the toughest lockdown in the world, I personally feel that this is the right approach to getting on top of this pandemic, but not everyone thinks so. There was a large protest yesterday at Victoria Market. 70 people were arrested.

This virus loves any setting where there are large numbers of people in close proximity. A range locations across Sydney continue to have small outbreaks on a daily basis.

Here in Victoria numbers continue to fall. 35 new infections were recorded in the past 24 hours with six fatalities. Our 14 day average is now 54.4.

The virus is out of control across Europe, South America, North America and India. I would much rather be here in lockdown.