The Corona Crucible – Thurs 10th September

World 28 million       Colombia 680K+       Argentina 500K+

Another aspect of life that is changing is a political power shift that could have major ramifications for the future. State power is growing. The same situation is unfolding in the US where the lack of leadership on a federal level has meant that each state has had to take matters into their own hands to control the spread of COVID-19. In the UK Boris Johnson has been widely criticised by Scotland about how he has been handling the crisis. A news report today about a bill being introduced in Britain risks breaking up the UK. We’ve seen protests against the government in Hong Kong and in Belarus among other places.

We are witnessing the downsizing of many global and national power structures. International trade and other functions of the global economy are also in decline because of the virus, international travel and movement of people across the world is also affected. People are shifting their consumerism to smaller local networks. Local communities and small groups are being empowered. In Victoria, the website thinklocalvictoria was recently launched to showcase and support businesses in our state.

Case numbers continue to decline here, just 51 new cases overnight with seven deaths.

Regional Victoria has now reached their benchmark of just five cases over 14 days and restrictions there will soon be lifted. Melbourne’s target of 30-50 is getting closer. Daniel Andrews announced the 14 day average is now 70.1. Unknown cases continue to be recorded, but that number too is falling.