The Corona Crucible – Sun 6th September

World 27 million       Peru 680K+    Argentina 470K+

Coronavirus is infecting millions of people in every country across the world. Some countries are still battling the first wave of infection, and many are struggling with a second wave. A lot of countries have opened up their economies and have set off a surge in daily cases in the thousands.

We have seen the chaos in the US and in other places where there has been no overall plan to deal with the virus. By comparison we have absolutely nothing to complain about.

For months now Daniel Andrews has stepped up to his daily media conference. Today he announced details of the road map out of Stage Four restrictions. Regional Victoria will have one plan and open up sooner, but Stage Four lockdown in Melbourne is being extended until 27 September, with a few alternations. The nightly curfew will not start until 9pm, those living alone will be able to see a friend and two hours of exercise will be permitted daily. Complex computer modelling has analysed a range of variables to determine the best approach that will be rolled out over the coming weeks and months in a ‘safe and steady’ way.

Victoria recorded 63 new infections and five deaths overnight.