The Corona Crucible – Sat 8th August

World 19.5 million    Argentina 235K+      Australia 20K+

When Neil was going to work in the city, I usually did the shopping, but while he’s been working at home we have been doing the shopping together. Lately we have been visiting a new Woollies supermarket which is a bit further away than our local Coles. When we checked this week we realised that the new Woolworth’s store is 5.3 kilometres from home, so we are doing the right thing and going to Coles again. But under Stage Four, only one person per household can do the grocery shopping.

We always write a shopping list, but Neil doesn’t seem to know where things are located in the stores, and he needs to have brand names written down and other precise information to know exactly what to get. Consequently he takes a lot longer to shop. It’s much quicker and easier if I do it. Since I do most of the cooking, I can grab a couple of items if I think of something along the way. I went to Coles early today and did a weekly shop. We usually shop Saturdays to get the Saturday Age so we can do the puzzles.

Today’s Victorian total is 466.  The number seems to be stabilising, though it’s still not coming down yet. So many health workers are being infected. It must be very distressing for them all.