The Corona Crucible – Thurs 6th August

World 18.9 million    Russia 860K+                        South Africa 520K+ 

Sniffer dogs are being trained in Australia now too, to detect COVID-19 and could be working within months. Research has been undertaken in a number of countries around the world and is showing excellent results. Our wonderful canine friends are special in so many ways, providing love and support to so many people all over the world. I adore dogs. Our beautiful Molly is so enjoying having us both at home. I’m happy to report she has fully recovered from the several health issues she’s had this year.

A friend of ours runs a dog rescue service. She reported on Sunday just before the Stage Four lockdown that she was able to rehome nine dogs, which is a new daily record for her. How wonderful. Dogs really help people to cope, especially during stressful times like this.

Today’s new COVID-19 cases is 471. Lower than yesterday, which is encouraging, but it’s a rollercoaster.