The Corona Crucible – Mon 3rd August

World 18.2 million    Colombia 300K+       Saudi Arabia 280K+            

Premier Daniel Andrews said yesterday that there are around 760 active cases diagnosed in our state over recent days that cannot be traced back to a source. This level of community transmission suggests that there are also a lot more undetected cases. The daily infection tallies over recent weeks and the level of community transmission mean we have to go to Stage Four. So many health workers are infected, aged care is in crisis and a number of industries like meat works and distribution centres have clusters too.

Community sport has been cancelled, so golf is on hold again. I’m pleased to say I had an excellent score yesterday so I will be replaying that round in my mind for the next six weeks. We had lovely sunshine yesterday, very warm for this time of year.

In keeping with the new restrictions, the weather is turning cold and wet today and we’re in for a few days of bitter winter weather. An Antarctic blast is due to hit this afternoon with biting winds, hail, and snow in the hills around Melbourne. It’s meant to last a few days. This will help to keep people at home.

In addition to the measures he outlined yesterday, Daniel Andrews announced some of the new Stage Four workplace restrictions today. A lot of thought and planning is happening behind the scenes. It’s very complex. More announcements will be made tomorrow.

13 more deaths and 429 new cases were detected in the past 24 hours in Victoria. There were around 25,000 tests conducted, so that’s less than 2 percent.

A tough six weeks are ahead of us, but by and large the majority of people are on board with this lockdown. It’s necessary. We are far more fortunate than so many other parts of the world. We will get through this. I’m feeling confident that these measures and ongoing mask wearing will work.

The Philippines now has reached 100,000 infections, the 25th country to do so. Australia is 69th on this infection list with over 18,000 cases.