The Corona Crucible – Mon 27th July

World 16.4 million    Peru 380K+                Chile 340K+

On Saturday we did the grocery shopping and dutifully wore our masks. Everyone in the supermarket was wearing them. I asked the young woman at the checkout, also masked, and wearing gloves, whether there had been any covidiots shopping there. She replied, ‘Not today so far, but there were a few in here yesterday.’

Covidiot is a new word that entered our vocabulary back in March. It describes anyone who ignores public safety messages about social distancing and guidelines relating to COVID-19. These people are actively practising ‘covoidance’ which is another new term.

Some covidiots downplay the severity of coronavirus, some are just selfish and others are in total denial that COVID-19 even exists.

Some covidiots say they don’t ‘believe’ in coronavirus. Apparently every hospital in the world, every news reporter, every politician, every social media platform, every media outlet, every doctor, every nurse, everyone everywhere is lying. They are convinced that the COVID-19 pandemic is a conspiracy. These covidiots also seem to believe that they possess a greater level of intelligence than everyone else.

There are people who refuse to wear a mask, not for health reasons, but because they say it’s some kind of infringement of their human rights to wear one. They even film themselves behaving irrationally and proudly post their craziness online.

People are getting sick, and are dying from COVID-19. Hospital staff and front line health workers are fighting a battle with this deadly virus every day, risking their own health and safety and these rude and selfish people are endangering lives with their idiotic comments and behaviour.

There are a couple of mental health conditions and personality disorders associated with this type of thinking, including narcissistic personality disorder, (NPD). This is the condition thought to afflict Odd Rant Lump. People with this disorder are self-centred and lack empathy. They have a grandiose sense of self-importance and entitlement. They’re resistant to changing their behaviour and have a tendency to blame others. They believe they are special and more intelligent than anyone else, but inwardly, they are very insecure. In effect, their narcissistic actions and comments are a way for them to avoid facing their feelings of inadequacy. It’s sad really. I’m guessing that a fair percentage of covidiots have NPD. NPD affects around five percent of the population. There are other more serious mental health issues that can lead people to believe in conspiracies, such as schizophrenia.

Victoria recorded another 532 cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours. This is the worst day ever in Victoria and it’s based on far less tests than yesterday. 17588 tests were processed in the last 24 hours, so that means that about three per cent of tests were positive. Until now it’s been about one percent of tests.

It’s looking more and more likely that stage three restrictions will be extended beyond mid-August.