The Corona Crucible – Sun 5th July

World 11.3 million                Russia 670K+                        Iran 230K+

Things have taken a turn for the worse here in Victoria, specifically in Melbourne where this virus is threatening to get out of control. Watching the news late yesterday about the housing commission towers being locked down and 108 more cases found across Melbourne I felt sad and depressed. I really didn’t feel like playing golf today. I felt like I needed a mental health day at home.

Our suburb could very well be the next postcode in Melbourne to return to restrictions, but Neil and I are already staying at home most of the time anyway. We only go out for grocery shopping, walking with Molly, and occasionally Neil has to go out for work, so if restrictions were reintroduced, we would just carry on as we have been, except that I would have to give up golf again. The course is only a short distance away, but it’s in a different postcode and this type of exercise is not on the list of accepted activities under the restrictions.

Neil and I went grocery shopping early yesterday and we thought about wearing masks, but in the end we felt it wasn’t necessary. The supermarket we’re going to lately is new, spacious and clean. Trolleys and handles of cold storage fridges and freezers are regularly cleaned. Hand sanitiser is provided and I always take a pocket sanitiser with me to use as we exit. Another 74 cases were recorded in Victoria overnight.