The Corona Crucible – Wed 24th June

World 9.3 million      USA 2.4 million        South Africa 100K+

Novak Djokovic is the fourth tennis player to test positive to COVID-19 after playing in exhibition matches in Serbia and Croatia that he organised.

Meanwhile in the US, eight members of Land Mop Turd’s campaign staff have tested positive to COVID-19 after organising and attending the Oklahoma rally. The US and Brazil have each recorded over 30,000 new cases Of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours.

In Germany, authorities have toughened restrictions once again after hundreds of new infections were recorded that are linked to an abattoir. Germany sits 11th on the infection tally list with over 190,000 infections.

South Africa is the latest country to record 100,000 cases of COVID-19, the 19th country to reach that level of infection, quickly overtaking Canada with thousands of new cases being recorded in South Africa daily.

While Australia is now ranks 71st on this list, with around 7,500 cases, the worrying spike in community transmission here in Victoria is threatening to undo all our good work. A number of schools have closed for cleaning. Another 17 confirmed cases were announced yesterday and another 20 this morning. This is the eighth day in a row of double digit infections. Authorities are door knocking in the affected areas and have stepped up community education measures about social distancing and testing is increasing. With the exception of Victoria, all other states in Australia are either completely free of the virus, or only recording a few cases each day.