The Corona Crucible – Sun 21st June

World 8.8 million      USA 2.3 million        India   400K+

Odd Rant Lump held a political rally in Tulsa Oklahoma yesterday, the first such rally since the pandemic. The rally went ahead despite being described as a ‘public health nightmare’.

Initially scheduled for the ‘Juneteenth’ holiday on 19 June which commemorates the end of slavery in 1865, Lump moved the rally to the 20th after widespread criticism. There were fewer people there than anticipated.

The indoor rally comes as case numbers continue to soar across the US, with another 33,000 yesterday, but Rant Lump says he has ordered authorities to slow down testing because it was adding to the number of COVID-19 infections being recorded. Try and figure that one out.

There are now 2.3 million people in the US having had the virus and over 120,000 deaths. That’s like the whole of the population of Houston Texas being infected (population 2.3 million) or the whole population of cities like Topeka, Kansas (pop. 125,000) or Wilmington, North Carolina (pop. 123,000) or Lansing, Michigan, (120,000) all dying.

The rate of infection is spiking in Florida and many other southern states including Texas and Tennessee. Infections is Oklahoma will no doubt spike in a week or two.

Meanwhile, John Bolton’s tell all book about Lump’s tenure in the White House is about to be published. The Mad Old PR Nut has been trying to stop the publication of the book by the former national security adviser. A judge was not convinced by Nut’s assertion that it contains classified information and has ruled that publication can go ahead. The book is due for release this week. Can’t wait.