The Corona Crucible – Sat 20th June

World 8.7 million      Brazil 1 million         Chile 230K+

We were planning to visit Neil’s son, daughter-in-law and his grandchildren this weekend, but I told Neil to go without me. I’ve been coughing all week and didn’t feel like I could manage the trip. Also we have wounded Molly to think about, so the sick girls are convalescing at home together. Neil took Molly to the vet again yesterday to see how she is progressing. She’s much improved, but we still need to keep her quiet for a while so she doesn’t jump about. If we leave her on the lead at home, without actually tying her up, she knows not to jump up on the couch or bed. We can’t take her for a walk for another week, and when we do, the vet said only short five minute trips on lead. She’s not played ball for weeks now, so to keep her occupied we’ve been giving her soft toys that she loves chewing to pieces.

To keep myself occupied I did the puzzles in the Saturday Age, which is a regular weekend activity that Neil and I normally share. I enjoy Codewords and the Samurai Sudoku and we usually do the Target puzzle together. Neither of us is into cryptic crosswords. We still play cards and Chinese checkers on a regular basis, but not this weekend.