The Corona Crucible – Thurs 18th June

World 8.3 million      Russia 550K+             UK 300K+

Recent research in Paris has confirmed that dogs have the ability to identify the smell of COVID-19. A number of countries are conducting canine research in the hope that this will lead to increased detection of COVID-19, especially in regions with large populations where there is limited testing available. In this French study, eight Belgian Malinois shepherd dogs have had a near perfect success rate in sniffing out the virus. Dogs can detect a number of different diseases in humans, including diabetes, some cancers, epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease.

Some good news from England where researchers have discovered that dexamethasone, a widely available steroid, can help critical COVID-19 patients survive. I’ve had this drug myself once before when I was getting treatment for my feet, but I didn’t react well to it. Steroids can affect sugar metabolism and in my case it did. I don’t have diabetes, but after getting large doses of dexamethasone injected into my feet, my body can only process small amounts of sugar, about half the normal amount. I put on weight and I have to watch I don’t eat too much sugar. I use xylitol mostly now instead of sugar. Some people do develop diabetes after taking steroids.

Good news here at home too, my package of Lactobacillus Sakei arrived yesterday and I began taking it for my sinus condition.