The Corona Crucible – Fri 5th June

World 6.6 million                  India 220K+                           Mexico 100K+

Mexico is the latest country to record more than 100,000 cases of COVID-19. There are now 14 countries that have reached this grim statistic. USA, Brazil, Russia, Spain, UK, Italy, India, Germany, Peru. Turkey, Iran, France, Chile and now Mexico. Poor nations in particular are being hit very hard. By contrast, Australia is now 64th on this list with 7,240 recorded cases. We are indeed the lucky country.

Australia is officially in recession now, but doing far better than most parts of the world. I remember the last recession in the early 90s when I almost ended up homeless. I was out of work and couldn’t afford to pay the rent. I know how that feels. I feel blessed to be living here now in a comfortable financial position and not suffering the stress that so many people are enduring, wherever they may live.

How totally out of touch with reality is the Morrison federal government which has just announced a home building scheme, offering $25,000 to anyone doing home renovations worth between $150,000 and $750,000. How do these privileged right wing politicians sleep at night? Let them sleep rough on the streets for a while and see how they cope.