The Corona Crucible – Thurs 4th June

World 6.5 million      USA 1.9 million        Brazil  580K+

I heard yesterday that my regular massage clinic is still in business, but is closed for renovations until later this month. Before the shutdown I used to get a deep tissue massage about once a month. My body has really missed it. In the meantime I managed to get some myotherapy treatment for my shoulder yesterday. Apparently I have aggravated a tendon. Probably too much knitting.

I decided to go ahead with my periodontist appointment today and I’ve also made an appointment for a haircut on Saturday.

Neil has been out and about this week too. He had to go into the office all this week to finalise a proposal.

I put the final touches to my 2021 astrology calendar this week and sent the file off to the printer. I decided to cut back on the print run this year. My production assistant in the Netherlands is a great help. She’s Australian, but has been studying engineering and working in the Netherlands for a few years now. She is safe and well and working from home. The Netherlands has had over 45,000 cases of coronavirus with around 6,000 fatalities. The ’curve’ is flattening there, but they have had far more cases than in Australia.