The Corona Crucible – Wed 3rd June

World 6.4 million      Russia 420K+             India   200K+

Demonstrations across the US continue to escalate. Some are peaceful gatherings, but others are violent, with people rioting, looting and setting fire to vehicles and buildings. This is the eighth day of demonstrations that have flared across the US. People carry placards with George Floyd’s dying plea; ‘I can’t breathe.’ A shop window in Colorado was painted with the words, ‘The Revolution Is Here.’ Tear gas and rubber bullets fill the air. Some police officers put down their batons and marched alongside protesters.

The White House has been in lockdown since Friday afternoon. Odd Rant Lump retreated to a bunker in the White House, blamed far-left extremists for the riots and blamed state governors for not controlling the situation. Associated Press says that at least 5,600 people have been arrested across the country.

Making matters worse, instead of calling for calm, Odd Rant Lump has announced that if the states can’t control the situation he will deploy the military to ‘dominate the streets’.

Police officers in full riot gear stormed through a peaceful protest using tear gas, to clear a path so that Land Mop Turd could walk across the street to have a photo opportunity holding a bible as a prop. In the process an Australian news crew from Channel 7 was attacked by police.

Protest marches against institutionalised racism in support of the demonstrations have spread across the globe, including Australia, where Aboriginal people have been subjected to the same treatment by police and the courts.

The fracture lines that run through American society are many; racial, economic, systemic and political. George Floyd’s death was the latest catalyst, but there are many reasons for these violent demonstrations. Coronavirus and the economic shutdown has hit African-American communities hard. These demonstrations are happening in the midst of a pandemic in the country with the highest rate of infection and mortality. Coronavirus has exposed the deep gulf that has long existed between rich and poor in the ‘land of the free’.  There are no signs this conflict will end anytime soon.