The Corona Crucible – Mon 25th May

World 5.4 million      Brazil  360K+             Russia 340K+                        India 130K+  

Things are bad in Brazil. Case numbers there are soaring and their meagre health system is collapsing. There have been over 22,000 fatalities there. Brazil is now second only to the US in numbers of infections, with Russia now third, but Russia has only had 3,500 fatalities. Based on one per cent of cases being fatal, which is the generally accepted figure, it’s likely that Brazil has far more infections than the statistics suggest.

Brazil’s President, Jair Bolsonaro, appears to have the same attitude as Trod Dum Plan; basically ignoring the issue and hoping it will go away. Brazil is a poor country. A shanty town in Sao Paulo with 100,000 residents has never had access to healthcare, nor even proper sanitation. Through crowdfunding the community has taken matters into their own hands and hired a handful of medical personnel and three ambulances.

There are now 12 countries with more than 100,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus. Peru is the latest country to reach this grim statistic.

There is a massive clean-up underway in India after a huge cyclone hit the region. Case numbers are rising quickly there too and will rise further due to the densely populated cities and the millions of people evacuated and crammed into shelters in the wake of the cyclone.

Australia has had just over 7,100 confirmed cases of coronavirus. There are now 58 countries with more overall cases than us. In terms of active cases, Australia has 504 people currently infected. 91 countries out of the 215 have more than us. People in many countries, like Brazil are in desperate circumstances, but luckily we are on track here to control the spread. With winter coming, people will be more likely to stay at home, but in Europe and the US, people are flocking to beaches in the warmer weather where a second ‘wave’ of coronavirus could soon break.