The Corona Crucible – Sat 23rd May

World 5.2 million                  Spain 280K    UK 250K+      Iran 130K+

Neil went into the office on Thursday for just the third time in three months. They have an office social club and over the years we’ve been to a few events they have arranged. With no social gatherings permitted for the time being, they came up with a novel idea and we decided to get involved. Last night they had cheese tasting night.

Anyone interested registered and paid online. Then presto, a selection of different types of cheese was delivered to our home on Thursday. We logged on to a zoom meeting last night to chat, drink wine and eat and discuss cheeses. The night was hosted by Milk the Cow Licensed Fromagerie who supplied four beautiful cheeses.

I especially liked the Meredith Farm Chevre goat’s cheese. I also enjoyed the L’Artisan Fermier, a semi-hard cheese from Great Ocean Road, but I didn’t like the soft cheese. It looked like brie, but it was extremely bitter. I was wary of the blue cheese too, as the ammonia in blue cheese always reminds me of bathroom cleaner. We spent an hour or so online drinking wine and eating cheese. Neil enjoyed the two cheeses that I didn’t like, so they won’t go to waste. It was a fun night. Molly dog tried all the cheeses too, including the bitter soft cheese which she really liked.