The Corona Crucible – Fri 22nd May

World 5.1 million      USA 1.6 million        Brazil 310K+

Many people say that autumn is their favourite time of year, and I am one of them. Melbourne is known for its crazy weather. Summer is often too hot, winter is too cold, spring is generally wet and windy, but for the most part autumn brings happy goldilocks weather. Now we are nearly at the end of autumn, the weather is getting decidedly cooler. Winter is normally cold and flu season, but with social distancing, health authorities are hopeful that there will be less people affected by passing bugs this winter. I hope so. The last two years I’ve had really bad colds that turned into laryngitis and sinus infections that went on for months.

It was cloudy and cool on the golf course today, but no wind thankfully. Good weather for playing golf. The wet weather over the past few days has stopped for now, though it’s meant to be wet again tomorrow.

The club has introduced an app called MiScore that was recently approved by Golf Australia, to replace score cards so that staff don’t have to handle the cards. I have downloaded it. Until recently, I didn’t often take my phone with me when playing golf, so I’ll have to remember to take it. I tried the app today for scoring and it’s easy to use.