The Corona Crucible – Tues 19th May

World 4.8 million      New Jersey 150K+    Turkey 150K+

Golf is a mysterious game. One day you can play well, the next day can be total rubbish. My sister in law, Lisa, has played golf just once and that day she had a hole in one; true story. Luck does play a role, but there are a lot of skills you need to learn. Playing consistently well is the Holy Grail that all golfers seek.

They say that practice makes perfect, but with golf, practice only gets you to occasionally average. It was windy today on the course and a storm is brewing. Rain is forecast here tomorrow and Thursday.

The news today is that European nations and Australia have been rallying support for an EU motion calling for an independent enquiry into the pandemic. There was a World Health Assembly meeting yesterday in Geneva. As a result over 100 countries including Australia support an independent investigation. Until now, China has not been happy about this and diplomatic tensions have been growing, though with so many countries on board, China is now supporting a WHO led investigation into the response to the pandemic. This will take place after the virus is brought under control. It seems likely that the wet market in Wuhan was the source of COVID-19. China says it has been open and transparent about the outbreak. The US repeated its criticism of the World Health Organisation for its handling of the pandemic, saying that the WHO has ‘failed in its core mission of information sharing’. The US has by far the highest rate of infection and fatalities. Due to his denial and then his chaotic handling of the crisis, the Old Mad PR Nut keeps looking for someone to blame. It’s been widely reported that he cheats at golf.