The Corona Crucible – Mon 18th May

World 4.8 million      Russia 280K+                        Brazil 240K+

Australia has now had 7,045 cases of coronavirus. 6,367 people have recovered and 98 people have died. Compared to so many places around the world we are collectively managing this crisis extremely well. Individually, however people are personally affected in many different ways, financially and health wise and especially in terms of mental health. Our government recently pledged $48.1 million in additional funds to a new mental health plan to address the potential increase in depression and anxiety that can lead to suicide and domestic violence.

Now that some social distancing restrictions have been lifted, and with more and more testing, we are seeing a slight increase in cases with further infection clusters expected. Health authorities are concerned that we will see a second wave of infections, but hopefully that won’t happen. We are fortunate to have managed this health and financial crisis much better than most other countries. Australia is listed 51st in the number of overall cases. In terms of the number of currently active cases, the top ten countries are USA, Russia, Brazil, France, Italy, Peru, India, Spain, Turkey and Canada. Australia is 85th from the top of this list. The rate of infection is rising dramatically in Russia, which is now second only to the US in the total number of coronavirus cases, and also in Brazil which is now 5th after Spain and the UK. On average, official cases across the world are increasing by nearly 100,000 each day.