The Corona Crucible – Sun 17th May

World 4.7 million      USA 1.5 million        UK 240K+

If you think things are chaotic now in the Divided States of America, should Plod Turd Man, or Mike Pence (Nee Pick Me) catch COVID-19 and if they were to die, things would get even crazier, worse still if it was Joe Biden (Be Joined). If that were to happen, the chaos that would ensue with the US election coming up, is detailed in this report.  With the White House now infected, anything could happen.

Here in Australia we’ve adopted a great political system to manage this crisis. The National Cabinet comprises the Prime Minister, all the state and territory Premiers and chief ministers. They meet online on a regular basis and make key decisions about ways to manage the coronavirus pandemic and its economic consequences. No such system in the US where, even if they had decent leadership, it would probably be unworkable with their 50 so called ‘united’ states.

There are many different systems and laws in each state of the US. Even their federal systems are very out of date, for example they still use imperial measurements. Just about everywhere else on earth converted to the metric system decades ago. The only three countries still using imperial measurements are the US, Liberia and Myanmar. Even Britain uses the metric system, with the one exception of road distances. Most countries use Celsius for measuring temperature, but the US still uses Fahrenheit.

A few years ago I read a very good book called The Nordic Theory of Everything, by journalist Anu Partanen, which compared life in Finland and other Scandinavian countries to living standards in the US where she moved when she married. What a shock that must have been. Many Americans could learn a lot from this book.

The lack of health facilities across the US is staggering. Eleven million Americans live in rural areas where there are no hospitals at all. 

When the US government sent out $1,200 stimulus payments recently they actually printed and posted paper cheques (checks) and even that had a host of technical problems. So far this is only a one-off payment, and maybe there will be more to come, but who knows? They have no overall plan for managing the crisis and of course they have no universal health care.

The unemployment rate in the US is now at almost 15 per cent and it’s predicted to get much worse, perhaps climbing higher than during the Great Depression, when it peaked at 25 percent. At least then they had a decent President, in Franklin D. Roosevelt, whose New Deal program made social and economic recovery possible.

Here in Australia the April unemployment rate has risen to 6.2 per cent. However, this figure does not take into account the half a million people who dropped out of the workforce altogether. If they were included in the figures, the official rate would be 9.6 percent.