The Corona Crucible – Fri 15th May

World 4.5 million      Russia 250K+                        UK 230K+      Brazil 200K+

Fatalities 300K          Recoveries 1.7 million

I played golf today. It was a cold start this morning, but a beautiful sunny day with light winds. Maximum temperature 15 Celsius, but it felt much warmer in the sunshine. Getting back into the swing of things with my first game back. With limited income, the club has upped the competition fees to $10 to bring in some extra funds. No cash transactions are allowed. The Job Keeper program has really helped to keep golf clubs running.

Everyone must bring their own sand bucket and drink. All flag sticks are to be left in the holes, and padding has been added to make ball retrieval easier. There are no rakes in bunkers, so if you land in a bunker, you can take your shot, or if your ball is in a footprint or a bad lie, you can take a free drop within the bunker. Everyone marks their own cards and confirms the score with your playing partner at the end of the round. Cards are dropped into a box at the end of play. No handshaking of course. The 1.5 metre distance rule applies on course. All drinking fountains are turned off. The course toilets are open and hand sanitiser is provided, but I’m taking my own as well. With no play for the last couple of months, the course is looking absolutely immaculate. My first two holes I played really badly, but I improved as I went along. It was a par game and I finished with -3 which is respectable. I’ll be back again on Sunday.