The Corona Crucible – Sat 11th April

World 1.7 million      USA 500K+    New York 170K+      New Jersey 50K+     

World fatalities 100K+

Yesterday we spent the day in the garden and pottering around the house. I pruned the raspberry canes and Neil mowed the lawns. Some wet and cold weather is forecast over the next few days that will help to keep people at home over Easter.

Lately Neil’s been up in the roof space doing something or other. I worry about him climbing up ladders. He’s very sure footed, but I worry because the last thing you want to do right now is fall off a ladder and end up in hospital. I probably worry more than I should because I have no sense of balance whatsoever. I can’t even ride a pushbike, seriously.

Some neighbours around the corner have a novel idea for the Easter holidays. They’ve set up their campervan in the driveway and put a camp table under their carport. That way their kids can enjoy the novelty of a holiday while staying at home.

We went grocery shopping this morning. We don’t wear masks or gloves, but I carry hand sanitiser in my pocket. Neil disinfects the trolley as we enter the store and pushes it, while I carry the shopping list and select items from the shelves. Now that most people have stopped panic buying, it’s quite a civilised process with people keeping their distance from each other. Some shoppers wear masks, but they’re a minority. There’s been a big uptake in home deliveries of food, but we’re mostly preparing meals ourselves, and with both of us at home, we’re buying a bit more at the supermarket than usual.