The Corona Crucible – Tuesday 7th April

World 1.4 million      USA 360K+    New York 130K+                

Boris Johnson’s symptoms worsened overnight and he has been moved to intensive care, while the daily death toll in the US is now well over 1,000 with over 30,000 new cases reported daily. There are 20 countries in the world with more cases than Australia, including Russia, Sweden and Israel.

Neil took Molly back to the vet yesterday for a follow up appointment, she’s doing well, but her infection hasn’t gone just yet. She has to continue on antibiotics for another week or more and go back to the vet again next week. The good news is that she’s getting used to the bucket on her head, in fact she seems to like it.

Not good news from Adelaide. Neil heard that his brother and sister-in-law have been tested for COVID-19. A couple of weeks ago they travelled from Port Adelaide on a train full of passengers who had just disembarked from a cruise ship. She’s been sick and her doctor sent them both for testing. They don’t yet have the results, but are isolating at home.

Bad news too in Vanuatu, which has lifted social distancing measures as cyclone Harold, a category five system, bears down on the small Pacific Island nation.