The Corona Crucible – Monday 6th April

World 1.3 million      USA    330K+ Spain 130K+ Italy 125K+ Germany 100K+

World fatalities 70K+           Australia 40

Over the weekend we planted some winter vegetables. It was our first really cold and wintry weather and we had a heavy soaking of rain. Good weather for staying at home. There are definitely less people out and about, but some people are still ignoring the social distancing rules. Police have been conducting house checks to make sure those who are meant to be in self-isolation are at home and they have issued more fines to those who are failing to comply.

Some people just can’t help themselves. They struggle when they are on their own. Personally, I’ve never had that problem. Maybe it’s because I am on only child, or maybe it’s because I am an introvert, but I enjoy the solitude of my own company. In fact I crave it. I get stressed when there’s too much going on, too much noise, or too many people chattering. In fact I would go so far as to say that too much social interaction actually upsets my immune system.

I was horrified to see a news report from the US. Sailors huddled together, cheering their sacked aircraft carrier captain who called on the navy to save them from coronavirus on board the USS Theodore Roosevelt. Good on Captain Brett Cozier for blowing the whistle, but as they cheer, crowded together, the sailors don’t seem to realise they are likely to be infecting one another.

In other news it’s been reported that UK Prime Minster Boris Johnson who has been sick for nearly two weeks, has been hospitalised as a ‘precautionary step’.