September Equinox

September  is the month when the Libra Equinox comes around once again, reminding us of the importance of balance and equality.  Equal hours of daylight and darkness bring the opportunity to pay more attention to matters we have been overlooking or ignoring.

Fairness and justice are core Libran values. Libra and its ruling planet Venus seek beauty and harmony in all things.

Male and female, consciousness and the unconscious, thinking and feeling, all kinds of opposites have the potential to find balance under  the influence of Libra. The downside to Libra is the inability to make decisions. Wanting to strike a balance is one thing, but it’s often impossible to reach a completely fair agreement or consensus when there are competing values and agendas. Yet, Venus, highlights our personal preferences and can help in reconciling our values with those of others.

At this Equinox we focus on Venus as she enters the last stages of her synodic cycle. Venus will soon turn retrograde, providing an opportunity to reassess the true worth of our relationships and commitments.  Wherever we feel undervalued, our mission is to find a balance between give and take. Adjustments may be necessary.

Venus is now firmly established in the last of her waning phase. As ruler of Libra, Venus is preparing for her retrograde passage, a time of regrouping and renewal.

As she prepares for this retreat phase, she is getting closer to the Earth. Though her crescent shape is diminishing, her impact is substantial. This part of her cycle sees us place more importance on those fundamental matters that are closest to our hearts. We focus more of our attention and energy on less, at the same time we hone in on what is most important.  Venus’s close proximity to the Earth also bolsters ecology and environmental causes.

When retrograde, Venus will be in Scorpio and Libra, telling us that we will have to dig deep to discover exactly what our core priorities are. This process may take a bit of time. When Venus retrogrades in early October, this is the time to let go of any situation that does not measure up to our Venusian standards. This is the perfect time for a heart-to-heart with loved ones. Relationships can fall into negative patterns and we can start to take others for granted. Venus retrograde is an opportunity for renewal and reconnecting with the most important people in our lives.  Sometimes this process of re-evaluation can lead to big decisions to end a connection or commitment, but avoid taking action until  Venus is actually retrograde from October 6.

This Equinox chart sees Mercury close to the Sun and both are opposing Chiron and Hygeia in Aries. Meanwhile, Saturn and Vesta are completing a T-square. This picture suggests that healing is a large focus over the coming three months.

Given the depth of the Venusian message to re-evaluate our priorities over the next month or so, the choices and decisions that follow may be painful in the short term, but ultimately healing.

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