Capricorn Full Moon

This potent Full Moon has a number of significant planetary aspects. For starters, the Moon is lining up with Saturn which is at its solar opposition, calling its message of ethics and accountability loud and clear. Saturn-Moon hard aspects can be stern and unfeeling, but this often hides an acute sensitivity. Given that sensitivity is higher than usual under a Full Moon anyway, any cold or austere behaviour is probably masking a deep fear of being seen as weak or vulnerable.

The other significant feature of this chart is Mars which reaches is station retrograde point just hours before the exact full Moon.

Mars retrograde is a challenging time, requiring additional effort. It often asks us to persevere and hard work is required to get where we want to go. Big rewards are on offer for those who master the challenges ahead.

Mars mastery is not easy. It is not just about strength, but knowing when to use it and when to ask for help.

Every two years Venus and Mars oppose one another and this always happens when Mars is slow or stationary. Mars is a solo operator, but when retrograde, and opposing Venus, his task is to learn about relationships, the value of other people and their preferences.

Venus-Mars oppositions can lead to situations where we have to reach consensus between two differing agendas. Venus seeks quality, something that holds to a certain standard and that will endure, while Mars seeks results based on quantity, the fastest, the strongest and so on. This can result in tension, not just in relationships between women and men, but in any situation where there are differing values or goals. Trying to see things from another’s viewpoint can assist in negotiating a workable solution. It’s also an aspect of potency, intensity and passion.