Aries New Moon

Eris and Uranus, two chief mischief makers are key players at this New Moon.

On the one hand, this suggests a fair amount of chaos and random annoyance, but with Saturn about to station, we are going to do our best to ensure that we stay in control.

This could be a stressful New Moon with Mercury turning direct once more, highlighting matters that might have been overlooked and giving us the go ahead after a period of rethinking and revision.

We will probably be keen to push ahead with our plans now that Mercury is giving the go ahead, but with Saturn also stationary there may be additional tasks and chores to attend to.

Importantly, Chiron will change signs this week. This does not happen very often so this is a significant shift. This is the beginning of an eight year cycle, though Chiron will move back into Pisces for a while later this year before fully moving into Aries in 2019.

But this ingress brings the potential for healing a range of conflicts and the scars of war. The last time that Chiron was in Aries was between 1968-76 when the widespread opposition to the Vietnam war finally resulted in bringing an end to that conflict.

The time before that, Chiron moved into Aries at the end of World War I, bringing an end to that bloodbath and establishing Remembrance Day. This year on November 11 it will be 100 years since the guns on the Western Front fell silent.

While Chiron is in Aries we may also begin to see some gun control in the USA. We’ve seen protests recently gaining momentum. This will take time, but over the next eight years or so, Chiron will help to facilitate healing in many of these areas as it influences Mars ruled Aries.

Speaking of Mars, he is now slowing down in preparation for his mid-year retrograde journey. Close to Saturn now, this pair will ramp up the work agenda and with Pluto also close by, the systems and processes we are used to are likely to be restructured. Politically, this is an interesting time for fresh agendas and key decision making.


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