Pisces New Moon


Chiron will soon to shift into Aries, but before that, it’s aligning closely with this  Pisces New Moon.

This alignment, close to the end of Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, may remind us of wounds that have not been consciously acknowledged.

Mars, the archetypal hero-warrior, squares the Sun, Moon and Chiron from the last degree of Sagittarius, highlighting the need to take action to heal old scars. We may be acting out unconscious wounds from the past.

With many planets at the end of signs, letting go of the past will help make fresh starts possible.

The good news is that Jupiter is making a favourable trine to this new Moon which can help us release pent up emotions through creative self expression.

This is a wonderful New Moon for healing and spending quiet time processing our feelings and emotions.

While issues from the past may stir at this time, we have an opportunity to engage creatively with them. Venus and Mercury will assist by allowing us to honestly assess and express our thoughts and feelings.


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