Aquarius New Moon – Chinese New Year

This New Moon is a partial solar eclipse that will only be seen in some remote areas of South America and the Antarctic. It is significant though, in that this New Moon is the start of the Chinese Year of the Earth Dog.

For the past two years the Chinese Fire element has been the key element. 2017 was the year of the Fire Rooster and 2016 the Fire Monkey. Fire is  dynamic and creative, but it can also be overly dramatic and lack stability. Now we enter the Year of the Earth Dog, a much more grounded and practical element. This will be a welcome shift from the wild ride we’ve been on over the past two years.

2016 and 2017 were rather unstable, with lots of random changes. This was also because of the lack of outer planets in fixed signs, but now we are entering a much more stable and sensible period, where the Earth element dominates.

Not only is this the year of the Earth Dog but Saturn’s recent shift into earthy Capricorn makes 2018 and next year a big reality check. The earth element in both Chinese and Western astrology, is known to be grounded and practical, sensible and centred. Those who have transgressed the boundaries of Saturn are likely to be called to account for their actions.

Chinese Astrology tells us the Dog is very loyal (like real dogs) and that the dog teaches us to focus on essentials. Dogs love food and play, cuddles and going for long walks and dog years are much the same, making this a good year to spend time enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

This New Moon chart does have some residual instability however, with Mars in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in Pisces. This mutable square can be rather uncertain and a bit scattered. Plans may change at the last minute, so be prepared for random changes and remain flexible in the short term at least.

Note that Mars and Jupiter are in mutual reception, and Jupiter is uncomfortably quincunxing Eris and Uranus. This is quite an awkward combination that could bring accidents and a fair amount of chaos for a week or so, so try to release any tension and relax when possible and take extra care driving on the roads.

All the planets except Ceres are located in one half of the heavens, highlighting environmental matters. This time of year is known for its extreme weather, so we could experience further intense heat and cold, wind, storms, rain and possible flooding. Plans may  change because of  weather conditions.