Capricorn New Moon -The first New Moon of 2018

The first New Moon of 2018 sees Venus having just made her superior conjunction. This is the middle of her synodic cycle and represents a shift from youthfulness to maturity. Often associated with letting go and reassessing our priorities, Venus will remain invisible for some time while she undergoes this transformation.




Interestingly, this New Moon happens at 26 Capricorn which is around the same location that the upcoming Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter alignment will take place in two years from now. This suggests that events around this New Moon may be a catalyst to a chain of events that have long term implications yet to unfold.

New Moons are the start of a cycle, so anything commenced at this time could have wide ranging and long term effects, certainly over the coming two years.

Capricorn is all about accountability. Saturn in its own sign asks us to behave ethically and responsibly. Pluto here brings consequences to those who do not play by the rules.

Jupiter in Scorpio sextiles Pluto almost exactly at this New Moon, and is playing a role  in uncovering questionable activity, tax avoidance, sexual scandals, unethical corporate activities and other abuses of power.

Mars and Jupiter have recently made a conjunction, a positive and energetic aspect that is likely to see an increase in exposing secrets and under-handed behaviour. Since Jupiter entered Scorpio in October, we’ve seen revelations about sexual misconduct which have continued to be exposed.

Mars and Jupiter with their sextile to this New Moon and Pluto, is a powerful force for creative change that promotes more ethical and responsible behavior across the board.