Cancer Supermoon

Happy New Year!

2018 begins as 2017 ended, with a powerful Supermoon. In fact this Full Moon is the most intense Supermoon we will have in 2018, with the Moon  making  a very close approach to the Earth.

The Moon completes a grand trine with watery Neptune and Mars in Scorpio, and opposes Venus. These aspects bring an emotive, but positive vibration to this Full Supermoon, highlighting personal connections, family, creativity and enjoyment.

Venus is in the midst of her transition from morning to evening ‘star’. Her conjunction wit the Sun signals a more mature and adult period for the love goddess.

Sometimes Venus can act out during this transformation, largely because she wants to be the centre of attention and retain her position as the most beautiful goddess, but she is also in a process of death and rebirth, where she must adapt to a new role, that of mother, and care-giver. This is not always easy.

During this process we may be reluctant to move on or let go. When we are not getting the attention we think we should, Venus can show off, demand attention and keep trying to do things that are no longer age appropriate.

Difficult though this process can be, we are required to leave behind some of our personal desires and adopt new ones that are not so focused on self.

This is a time of transition and invisibility for Venus and a good time to spend time alone doing things that provide self-esteem from within.

Venus is not seen for several months at this time, so we too need to get used to the idea of not being the centre of attention.

Jupiter and Mars are close allies now, urging us to be more active and begin initiating our new year plans. Motivation is high, thanks to the sextile aspect to Pluto.


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