The December Solstice

Saturn crosses an important threshold moving into its own sign Capricorn on December 20, just days before the Solstice when the Sun follows suit. Saturn’s ingress here along with Jupiter in Scorpio will help expose unethical behaviour and set new benchmarks.

Saturn teaches us responsibility, ethics and wisdom through the passage of time and experience. Words that are derived from Saturn, Cronus and Capricorn are; chronology, chronometer, saturnine, Sabbath, Saturday, sabbatical, and capricious (sudden change).
Although we tend to think of Uranus as being mostly associated with change, Saturn is too. It’s about setting goals and working within our limitations.

Saturn will remain in Capricorn until December 2020 (with a few months in Aquarius mid 2020). Saturn is actually moving very slowly when in its own sign, and reaches perihelion at around 2 degrees of the opposite sign Cancer.  Saturn will be at aphelion at 2 Capricorn next month, and a long way from Earth on the other side of the Sun. 

During its sojourn in Capricorn, Saturn will be joined by both Jupiter and Pluto. Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions occur every 20 years, while Saturn–Pluto conjunctions happen every 33 years. This time around, the three will unite.

This combination of archetypes is a powerful force for change. We can expect some dramatic events in political circles and in the corporate world as new ethical requirements and guidelines are rolled out. Indeed, on just the first day of Saturn in Capricorn as I write, we have seen a new code of conduct rolled out for banks in Australia to limit the amount of credit that can be loaned.

Pluto is more than half way through Capricorn now, urging us to change tack and adopt sustainable practices. Many of those in power prefer the status quo, where greed and selfishness have held sway. With no thought for the suffering of others, let alone animals or the environment, we are witnessing the results of this short sighted and self-centred approach. Pluto is Capricorn is calling us to account for our actions and inactions, Saturn and Jupiter will increase the pressure for change.

I first wrote about  Pluto in Capricorn in 2006, two years before the Global Financial Crisis which it spawned. Another looming issue I mentioned was the ageing population. This too will become much more pressing as Saturn and Jupiter join Pluto over the coming years.

The coming Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn in 2020 is the first time these two planets have united in that sign since the year 1518. That one took place on 3 January 1518 when the Sun was also in Capricorn.

1518 was the time of the Reformation, when the Catholic Church, the most powerful institution in the world, was under threat by challenges to its authority. Martin Luther’s these of complaint that he nailed to the church door in Wittenberg, Germany on October 31, 1517 sparked a revolution. Within months of this act of defiance against the church, his 95 complaints were distributed widely throughout Europe thanks to the development of the printing press (around 1450).

We can expect today’s powerful institutions, such as banks, political organisations, mining companies and large multi-nationals (also the Catholic Church) to undergo a similar process with challenges to their authority by the weight of public opinion and new regulations. The Royal Commission findings will lead to changes within the Catholic Church but this will take time. Resistance is useless! Pluto and Saturn will see to that.

In  the meantime, I hope to see you at the FAA Conference in Melbourne in January. Wishing you all a relaxing and enjoyable holiday season.



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