Taurus Full Moon

This Taurus Full Moon will help consolidate the recent shift of Jupiter into Scorpio.

Fixed signs are those we associate with passion, intensity, determination and loyalty. They promote staying power and help us fulfil our commitments. Fixed signs foster patience. We’ve had precious little fixed energy over the past two years, so this is a welcome respite from the randomness and chaos we’ve experienced.

October was a significant turning point with Venus and Mars crossing paths once more. Venus and Mars ruled last month’s Aries Full Moon, and they also rule this one, only in this instance the positions are reversed; Venus holds sway over this Taurus Full Moon and Mars governs the Scorpio Sun.

What is different now is that Venus and Mars are separating once more and heading in different directions. While they continue on their path through the zodiac, in terms of their position relative to one another they are separating. This divide places those who value quality against those who want only quantity and is likely to see some separation between these opposing camps. Different aims and agendas will be highlighted. There is a sense of going one’s own way or doing what each of us prefers. This is just a normal process, but it can affect us in different ways.

Both Venus and Mars are in Libra, suggesting that respect for a quality approach will be preferred. As ruler of Taurus, and in its own sign Libra, Venus appreciates fine things, it has certain likes and dislikes and these will become more defined as we move through November.

In a hopeful sign, this Full Moon makes a pleasant sextile aspect to Neptune, plus the Sun trines it. This promotes peace, understanding and facilitates a dialogue between opposing viewpoints.



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