Libra New Moon

This powerful New Moon opposes radical Uranus in what promises to be an exciting and revealing lunation. This opposition is  very tight, within just four minutes of arc!

Uranus always surprises us, so expect sudden revelations as Uranus makes its closest approach to the Earth. Rapid change is part of daily life; it seems that every day dynamic advances in technology are revealed. Uranus is also the key planet we associate with human rights and creative freedom. These issues are likely to be in the news.

Jupiter has just transitioned into Scorpio and will become more powerful as it will soon be commencing a new synodic cycle.

Jupiter in Scorpio is likely to help us make progress in understanding natural laws. It’s a highly resourceful and constructive position for Jupiter, helping us uncover the truth and revealing secrets and undercover goings on.

Great for research of any kind, Jupiter in Scorpio enhances willpower and determination. The focus is very much on the big picture and fundamental truths.

It brings to an end a two year period with no outer planets in fixed signs that has taken us on a pretty wild and unpredictable journey.

Jupiter in Scorpio will likely expose corruption and call wrong doers to account for their actions. At its best, unethical and unscrupulous behaviour is not tolerated by Jupiter in Scorpio (nor by Saturn in Capricorn which is fast approaching).

Jupiter in Scorpio could signal the death-knell for the Trump administration, for at this ingress (chart not shown) Saturn is located at 22SG51 and the Moon is at 21GE27. These degrees trigger Donald Trump’s Moon, Sun and Nodal Axis once again. The ingress chart also lines up with his son, Donald Trump Junior’s Mercury (21SG10) as did the recent Saturn station.

Note that the recent Venus-Mars conjunction squares this axis. Mars in particular will play a key role here with its exact square to Saturn and the Moon and to  Donald Trump’s Moon and his son’s Mercury. Chiron in Pisces completes a mutable grand cross which is a key aspect for rapid change.

The instability we’ve witnessed  across the board will give way to a more stable and sensible period as Jupiter becomes  firmly established in Scorpio.

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