The August Solar Eclipse

Total eclipses are incredibly powerful alignments of the Sun, Moon and Earth. They have two distinct patterns through time, the 18 year Saros cycle and the 19 year Metonic cycle. This eclipse is linked to eclipses and events in 1998 and 1999.

When Donald Trump was elected back in November last year I noticed that this month’s eclipse would line up with his Mars and Ascendant. Just a few days after this eclipse, transiting Saturn will station at 21SG12 which is the exact location of Trump’s Moon! This orb is exact to within one minute of arc which is what makes this  eclipse so incredibly potent.

Saturn transits make us face  reality and clearly DT has no sense of what normal reality is, hence the likelihood that this Saturn impact will be a shock to his system. Saturn provides us with a sense of discipline and helps us take personal responsibility for our actions. Saturn also makes us aware of our limitations.

The fact that Trump lacks any saturnine qualities, makes this eclipse and transit stand out. One way or another he will have to face some hard realities and the limits of his power.

Donald Trump has his Mars in Leo on his Ascendant (no surprises there) so this eclipse will have a direct impact on how he interacts with the world and with others. It could also effect his health.

The other important point to make about this solar eclipse is that it impacts the USA Sibly chart. The Sun and Moon oppose the US Moon and Pallas Athena while the transiting Saturn station tightly opposes the US Mars. It’s hard to imagine a more dramatic planetary line up.

On 12 July two major developments took place. Donald Trump Jr was pressured to release a series of emails that implicate his father in the Russian interference saga. On top of that a Democratic Senator filed articles of impeachment against President Trump.

It is really amazing that Trump Jr’s chart has Mercury stationary at 21SG10 which is within one minute of arc of where Saturn will station on August 25 and within one minute of arc of his father’s Moon!! Mercury of course rules emails, and all other forms of communication.

In all my years as an astrologer I have never seen such a precise line up of exact orbs.

This eclipse will trace a path over the Yellowstone region where there has been a series of earthquake swarms over the past two months. Two areas are affected by these swarms, that are continuing to rumble.

The eclipse path will also cross the coast of Oregon and the Juan de Fuca plate. This region is capable of generating a 9.0 quake, and is worryingly locked. The last time it generated a big quake was January 1700, resulting in a tsunami that travelled across the Pacific and affected Japan.

While no geologists or seismologists have predicted an imminent eruption at Yellowstone or an earthquake off the Oregon coast, it’s apparent that something is stirring deep underground. The transiting node moved over the eclipse degree in May which may have triggered the recent tremors.

Let’s hope that the impact of this eclipse is going to manifest on the political front and not bring instability to this sensitive region of our planet’s crust.



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