Capricorn Full Moon

It’s been a year full of dramatic stellar events and this month is no exception. In many ways this Full Moon is a culmination of the winding road we’ve been travelling. At what destination will we arrive? Next month is eclipse season, a time of endings and beginnings, so this month is a prelude to that significant turning point in the road.

This Full Moon sees the Moon and Pluto in Capricorn stirring a brew of potent emotional forces. These deep and mostly unconscious feelings are in opposition to the direct action of the Sun and Mars in water sign Cancer. The Moon is not comfortable in Capricorn and tends to bottle up emotions, or deny that they exist. There is a tendency to be stoic and reserved, and this can mask deep seated issues that are too painful to face. Add Pluto to this mix and Mars in opposition, and you can see that this is a potentially explosive Full Moon.

Powerful unconscious material is being purged at this Full Moon. This is a determined and self-defensive Full Moon, passionate, but also cautious.

The sign of Cancer is of course ruled by the Moon, and when in Capricorn and lining up with Pluto, there is an ambitious agenda. It suggests planning, secretiveness and possible manipulation behind the scenes. Above all, security, both financial and emotional is the focus of this Full Moon. Emotions like grief, loss, anxiety, jealousy, anger, envy, fear and worry could rise to the surface.

This is a good time to get in touch with our deeper feelings and learn from the past. It provides an opportunity to overcome fears we’ve been carrying from childhood. Events that occur may push our buttons and reveal our soft underbelly. Releasing ourselves from the past through healing, gratitude and forgiveness will assist in getting us through this intense time and prepare us for the coming eclipse season.

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