June Solstice Report & Cancer New Moon

At this Solstice the Moon and Venus are shining beautifully together in Taurus in the pre-dawn light. This is a bountiful and peaceful combination that promotes love and harmony.  The Moon is entering its balsamic phase at this Solstice, enhancing this quiet time of reflection and preparation, with a Cancerian New Moon to follow in a few days time.

The Moon’s exact trine to Pluto promises to deepen our understanding and emotional maturity. Emotionally, this suggests heartfelt experiences that helps us release the past and move forward with a feeling of contentment. This release helps soothe the mind and heart.

This is a vast improvement from the March Equinox chart that foreshadowed significant challenges on the relationship front (Venus-Mars semi-sextile) plus fear and worry (Moon-Saturn tight conjunction). This Solstice is  a breath of fresh air that helps us move forward and put the past behind us.

Another invisible Supermoon happens a few days after the Solstice.

On the whole this is a calm and relaxed lunation, sustaining this peaceful vibration. Venus is now established in Taurus and has begun her long morning phase, where patience, relationships and stability are highly valued.

Venus makes a trine to Pluto helping us to understand long term processes and make decisions that will stand the test of time.  Earth trines are above all practical and provide a large dose of common sense.

Venus-Pluto aspects ask us to let go of those connections, activities or associations that no longer serve us. Being a trine, severing ties is likely to be an amicable choice and mutually beneficial.

Venus and Mars are now heading towards one another and will renew their vows with their next conjunction in October. The fact that they are closing ranks will help to create stability and certainty over coming months.



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